Synthetic Plants


Synthetic Plants

© 2016 

Fake plants have been a common accessory that appear in many office spaces, hospitals, and other domestic interiors. Although they are commonplace, fake plants become disliked due to their false materiality and struggle to conform indoors. Psychologists and urban planners have begun to understand the benefits of visually experiencing the aesthetic properties or plant forms. To many people, plants are friends of the home. 

Made of bent acrylic, Synthetic Plants participate in the everyday tradition of caring for houseplants. These idealized forms become a part of a home's interior as utopian representation of the natural world. Synthetic Plants are a hyperbole of domestication, stripping all labor required for sustaining a living house plant. The leaves are designed to snap in place, allowing users to assemble the plant at their own leisure. The plastic leaves are simple to organize and are designed to be intuitive.


Laser Cut Acrylic, Standard Terracotta Pot